LPG Accredited Installers

We recognise that not every house within the UK can be supplied with Natural Gas and therefore require LPG Bottles or Bulk Tanks. We are qualified to carry out all LPG related work to permanent residential dwellings and Park Homes.


LPG Boiler Installation

We install LPG combination boilers, LPG regular boilers, LPG system boilers and water heaters. These are available from Manufactures such as Ideal, Worcester Bosch as well as other Leading Brands. We are qualified installers of  these types of boiler and water heater to domestic premises including Residential Park homes (but excluding boats and caravans).


LPG Locality

A majority of households in the UK depend on mains gas central heating but there are approximately 4 million households in the UK that are not connected to a mains gas supply.  These households tend to be in rural locations and some of these
households use liquid petroleum gas (LPG) as a suitable alternative for heating
homes and providing hot water through a water filled heating system where an
LPG boiler would heat water for central heating and hot water needs.